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Since 2017 the Villa has started a partnership with the Agronomy School of Pesaro “A. Cecchi”, located in the historical Villa Caprile, on the hillside of the Colle San Bartolo.


The cooperation project aims to offer to students the opportunity of gaining awareness about conservation and maintenance of historical gardens and of the olive groves part of the farm that surrounds Villa Imperiale.


The partnership recovers this way the close original relationship between Villa Caprile and Villa Imperiale: the two had in common the similar location and the characteristics of suburban villas with italian gardens and water plays, originally supplied by the same water tank system.


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The farm:
history and tradition

The Castelbarco Albani farm has a long family tradition, that lasts since more than 200 years.


The 40 hectares within the San Bartolo Natural Park are farmed following organic agriculture and are mainly cultivated with olive trees, from which it is produced a superior quality extra virgin olive oil.


The other 130 hectares extend from the foot of the hill of Montemaggiore village to the Metauro river. The crop choices are linked to the agri-environmental qualities of the Montefeltro land: wheat, sorghum, sunflowers, peas, vines and olives.


The farm heritage includes also different rural houses and farm buildings once inhabited by growers and croppers families. Due to management changes and to the new agriculture methods this significant heritage had become an important reusable resource spread across the land. Among the different activities, the farm follows also the regeneration projects of the rural houses and their potential sale, always aiming to revitalise the region.


Extra virgin
olive oil

The extra virgin olive oil produced by the counts Castelbarco Albani is obtained from a blend of different flavours: Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo. It presents the quality of being easily appreciated also by the most demanding tastes, giving to the dishes a unique fruity scent associated with a delicate almond flavour.


Its golden colour reflects the intense perfumes of the olives, from which it is extracted only by mechanical means. The cold-pressing-procedure preserve its nutritional properties and gives the oil a meaningfully low acidity (0,3%).


Extra virgin olive oil is available upon request in

these sizes:


 _ 5 lt. E demijohn

 _ 5 lt. E can

 _ 0,75 lt. E bottle

 _ 0,50 lt. E bottle

 _ gift box including 2x 0,75 lt. E bottles

 _ any other size with customized packaging

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